3 Best Monitor Light Bars

Monitor Light Bar

People who spend hours in front of a computer screen usually suffer from eye strain. If you work as a coder, graphics designer, or video editor, you can understand the pain. But having the right lighting can make a big difference and provide you with a comfortable environment. That’s why the Monitor Light Bar exits.

What is a Monitor Light Bar?

The monitor Light Bar is an electronic device that enhances the ergonomic lighting conditions and removes the glare from the screen. It is basically an LED light strip that is attached to the top of the monitor. It provides an ambient lighting to reduce the eye strain and provide a comfortable working environment. The light bar doesn’t space on your desk and looks good by providing an aesthetic feel to your PC setup.

These light bars come in various shapes and sizes. You also get adjustable brightness, and color temperature settings along with dimming and glare control. Some monitor light bars also provide additional features such as a remote control for adjustment.

What factors to consider while buying a Monitor Light Bar?

If you are planning to get a Monitor Light bar, you need to consider several factors for getting the right product. You already know what exactly the Monitor Light Bar does. But it also comes in several shapes and offers different features. So you need to check several things before ordering one. Here are some of the important factors you shouldn’t ignore.

Size and Compatibility: First of all, you need to measure the width of your monitor before purchasing a light bar. This ensures that the light bar fits properly and works properly. Most light bars come with adjustable brackets for easy installation on different monitor sizes. Some affordable monitor light bars offer adhesive strips for installation.

Brightness and Color Temperature: Purchase the light bar with adjustable brightness levels and color temperatures. You will always have to increase or decrease brightness or color temperature depending on the ambient light. With adjustable brightness and color temperature, you can customize the lighting according to your room’s light and time of day. Warm light is soothing for evening work, while cool light is ideal for daytime tasks.

Screen glare: Look for the light bar that has an anti-glare feature for the screen. Anti-glare means the ability to reflect light. A good monitor light bar can reduce screen glare thanks to its asymmetrical design.

Adjustability: It is recommended to get a light bar that offers flexible positioning and angle adjustments. With this option, you can direct the light exactly where you need it without causing glare on your screen.

Design and Build Quality: When purchasing a monitor light bar, you should also consider the design and build quality of the product. Make sure the light bar complements the monitor’s design or complements the way your PC is set up. Select a minimalist, stylish light bar that goes well with your PC configuration. Make sure the construction is sturdy and long-lasting as well.

Additional Features: Some light bars come with extra features like built-in USB ports and touch controls. Now we also have light bars with smartphone app integration. So, you can control light and angle with the phone app.

Best Monitor Light Bars for Monitors

Now let’s have a look at the best monitor light bars available in the market. You can choose one depending on your need and budget.

1. BenQ ScreenBar Halo

BenQ ScreenBar Halo Monitor light bars

BenQ ScreenBar Halo is the best monitor light bar in terms of features and quality. This monitor light bar creates an optimal environment around your PC setup to boost your productivity. The most notable feature of BenQ ScreenBar Halo is that it has a built-in sensor for automatic brightness adjustment according to ambient lighting conditions. The monitor light bar has an upgraded asymmetrical optical design to ensure that there’s no reflected glare on your screen. It also features 3 eye care settings.

The monitor light bar can be powered by USB. So, there won’t be a long wire cluttering your PC setup. It also has a patented clip design that mounts on the top of any monitor. As per the specifications sheet, it supports monitors with a bezel width of 0.25 inch and a thickness of up to 2.36 inch. It supports both flat monitors and curved monitors.

It comes with a smart wireless controller that allows you to control the brightness and change modes. The controller has a circular design that looks good and provides a good operating experience.

Price: Rs. 12,990

Buy Here: Amazon

2. Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar

Quntis Computer Monitor Light

Quntis Computer Monitor Light is also a good monitor light bar for people who want a good reading, gaming, or coding experience while sitting in front of the computer for a long time. The product is called ScreenLinear Pro Max and it promises a comfortable visual experience. It boasts to provide eye-friendly illumination for better visual health. You get a customizable atmosphere with 3000K to 6500 calvin intensity depending on your need. The monitor light bar was a clip that rests on the monitor with a thickness of 0.6-inch to 1.4-inch. It features a minimalist and elegant design. The light bar is made of aluminum alloy for durability and longevity. It needs a power supply with a USB port. So, it can be connected to the monitor’s USB port for power. You also get a 6.5 ft long Tpye-C cable and adjustable core with the product.

Price: Rs. 7,199

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Troner Monitor Light Bar PRO+

Troner Monitor Light Bar PRO+

Troner Monitor Light Bar PRO+ is also a good monitor light bar that could be an ideal choice for people looking for a monitor light bar. It features a weighted clip that hangs on the monitor for stability. It fits monitors with thicknesses from 0.12” to 2.36′. The light bar also has 45° adjustable rotation angle. So, Troner Monitor Light Bar PRO+ is suitable for both flat and curved monitors. It promises to relieve eye fatigue to protect your eyes for a comfortable viewing experience.

The monitor light bar has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness depending on the need. It also comes with a smart remote control that lets you control color temperature and brightness.

Price: Rs. 6,999

Buy Here: Amazon

Wrap up

Several people use Desk Lamps at the workstations, but I personally think Monitor Light Bars are better. However, Monitor Light Bars are costlier than Desk Lamps. So, it depends on your priority. Monitor Light Bars provide a clutter-free and ergonomic setup while desk lamps take up space. Monitor light bars clip onto your monitor, so it saves space. It also provides direct lighting to your workspace and reduces glare on your screen. It also reduces eye strain. You get adjustable brightness and color temperature settings. But light bars may not illuminate your entire desk area. On the other hand, desk lamps provide a broader coverage and can illuminate the whole desk where your PC rests. Desk lamps also provide multi-purpose usage. You also get adjustable positioning and versatile usage.

At the end of the day, choose the option that best suits your workflow, comfort, and budget.

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