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3 Best Bluetooth Item Trackers

Bluetooth Trackers
Bluetooth Trackers

A Bluetooth tracker is a tiny device that can be attached to a product and later can be used to locate the product. Bluetooth trackers are really useful in locating lost keys and bags. People who usually forget their keys should start using a Bluetooth tracker. Tile was previously the kind of Bluetooth trackers segment until Apple launched AirTag. In this article, I am listing the best Bluetooth trackers. Check this list before you buy a Bluetooth tracker for yourself.

How to Choose a Bluetooth Tracker?

Different Bluetooth trackers support different devices. For example, Apple’s AirTag only supports iPhone. So, Android owners cannot use it. Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag only works with Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 10 or later. Tile trackers support any Android device. So, you need to find consider what phone you are using before buying any smart Bluetooth tracker. Bluetooth trackers are used for finding lost objects but these trackers cannot be used to track pets of kids.

Best Bluetooth Item Trackers

1. Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

If you use an iPhone, you should buy Apple’s AirTag. It is the best Bluetooth tracker device available in the market. The main strength of this device is that it uses Apple’s huge network of devices to find lost items. Precision tracking offers an easy way to locate the exact spot. Apple’s Find My app will use all the iPhone, iPad, and Mac that’s on the network to passively and anonymously find lost AirTag. Tile also uses a similar network system, Apple’s network of devices is huge and is more likely to cover most places.

AirTag also supports Ultra Wideband that is used for precision locating at relatively short distances. It works with the iPhone 11 series of higher. If you lose an item with AirTag attached to it, use the Find My app or ask Siri to trigger an audible alert from the AirTag. This art sound is played for about 6 seconds. Although the sound isn’t too loud, it can be heard to locate the item. Useful for locating keys at home.

AirTags run on user-replaceable batteries. When the battery is low, you can swap in a new CR2031 battery by removing the back of the AirTag. AirTags are also IP67 rated to offer Splash, water, and dust resistance.

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2. Tile Mate

Tile Mate (2022)

Apple’s AirTag is the best Bluetooth tracker because of its large network for finding a lost item. The only issue with AirTag is that it doesn’t work with Android devices. If you Don’t own an iPhone, you cannot use AirTag. For people with Android devices, Tile has a range of Bluetooth trackers designed for different items. Tile Mate comes with the most general-purpose has a hole on the top-left corner to attach a keychain or lanyard.

Tile Mate also has a QR code printed on the back that reads “Scan me if found.” After scanning the QR code, it opens a web page that lets you send the location of the device to its owner. If the Tile Mate was put in the lost mode, the website will also who the owner’s phone number and a message. So, the finder can easily return the lost item.

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3. Galaxy SmartTag

Galaxy SmartTag

Just like Apple, Samsung also launched Galaxy SmartTag that can be attached to keys, bags, or even a pet for tracking purposes. It also works in the same way. When you are not able to locate an item, use the app to ring the trigger volume on the tracker. When the item is not in range, it uses Galaxy Find Network for locating the device privately. It uses Samsung’s network of devices to locate the lost SmartTag.

Galaxy SmartTag can be used with any Galaxy smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag only works with Samsung phones. If you own any other Android phone, you need to consider Tile trackers. Samsung’s SmartTag also comes with a user-replaceable battery. When the battery power is low, you can remove the back and replace it with a new CR2032 battery.

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