AirTag vs Tile : 3 reasons why Airtag is better than Tile trackers

Airtag vs Tile
Airtag vs Tile


Apple recently introduced AirTag tracking device that can be used to track your lost stuff like keys, backpacks, purses, and similar items. This is similar to popular Tile trackers people have been using for years. Apple’s AirTag is similar to Tile trackers one can attach to different items and then use a smartphone for tracking. Tile tracker works with both Android and iOS devices but you need an iPhone for using AirTag.

Tile has been offering several tracking devices for a long time. There are several different models including Tile Mate, Tile Pro, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker. Each Tile tracker has a different design and serves different purposes.  Apple’s AirTag is similar to Tile Sticker, but Sticker is a bit thicker. AirTag is also a bit costlier than Tile Sticker. Tile Sticker is slightly smaller than Airtag. Tile Sticker measures 2.7 cm in diameter and 0.73 cm in width. AirTag measures 3.19 x 0.8 cm. Tile Mate and Tile Pro are square location trackers. Tile Pro has a Bluetooth range of 400 ft and Tile Mate has a range of 200 ft. Tile Slim and Tile Sticker have a range of 200 ft and 150 ft respectively. Apple has not revealed the max range for AirTags.

There are a few reasons why AirTag is better than Tile trackers. In this article, I will try to explain this point. I will mainly compare AirTag with Tile Sticker.

Smarter than Tile

AirTag is smarter than Tile. Both Airtag and Tile are Bluetooth trackers but AirTag also takes advantage of Ultra Wideband for Precision Finding using iPhone 11 or higher models. Ultra-Wideband tech is more accurate than Bluetooth. So, AirTag is far more advanced than Tile. Tile tracker will guide users in the right direction but Airtah will provide an accurate direction and location.

Apple has also included an NFC chip into the AirTag. It helps in locating the device when it is marked as Lost. If the AirTag is discovered by a member of the public community, they can tap it using their iPhone or any other NFC-capable device to get information about the owner.

Bigger Apple community

The use of community gives AirTag another advantage. When the tracker goes out of UWB or Bluetooth range, Apple can use other Apple devices within the range to locate it if the device is set as lost. Tile can only offer the last-known location before it went out of range. Tile also uses community features but AirTag has the advantage of 1.65 billion users as compared to 36 million Tile users.

Recently, Techradar also performed a test using AirTag and Tile to learn how quickly they can find if the product goes out of range. Surprisingly, the lost AirTag was found in just 30 minutes when it was identified by a passing iPhone. Tile tracker was found in 12 hours when someone from the Tile community detected it and sent the location.

Apple’s large community will help quickly locating the lost AirTag. The Tile community isn’t big and the product isn’t quite popular in all the countries. There may be a possibility that you have less than 10 people using Tile in your area but you will certainly have several iPhone users even if they are not using AirTag.


Apple’s AirTags packs a user-replaceable battery that lasts for over a year and will be available soon. Tile Pro and Tile Mate offer 1-year user-replaceable batteries but Tile Slim and Tile Sticker both have built-in batteries. So, you need to purchase a new tracker if batteries of Tile Slim and Tile Sticker die. So, AirTag has a battery advantage over Tile Sticker.

There are also a few reasons why Tile is better. Tile can be used with both Android and iOS devices while AirTag is iPhone-only device. AirTag is Key chain-unfriendly. You cannot attach it to anything unless you purchase the accessories for it. Tile trackers can easily be hooked to anything.

Final Thoughts

Even if Tile has been around for years, AirTag has lots of advantages. So, I recommend Airtag if you own an iPhone. You get unique Ultra Wideband Precision Find feature and large community support. Although Tile has different products suited for different purposes, Apple’s AirTag is better. Only Android users need to go with Tile because Airtag doesn’t support Android devices.

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