15+ Less Known Google Apps You Should Not Miss

Google Apps

Google is one of the most active app developers offering free apps to help you with different things. We all use Gmail, Google Search, Maps, Chrome-like apps but there are so many good Google apps that you may not know. In this article, I will be listing a few less known but useful Google apps. You must check these apps and try to find out what is useful to help you in your daily life.

Interesting Google Apps You Should Not Miss

1. Google Trips

Google Trips

Google Trips is a travel planner app that makes it easy to organize your travel info in one place and make it available even without needing a data connection. When you first install the app, you will see the list of places you have been in place with exact dates. It uses your location data to collect these information.

If you want to go somewhere, you can create a trip by searching for the location. It will show you what things to do there and where to eat. You can also manage your reservations directly from the app. It fetches reservation data from your email

If you are a regular traveler, you should install the app for sure.

Download: Android iOS

2. Google Arts & Culture

Google Art & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is also an interesting app that lets you explore places virtually and learn about their history. It curates content from over 1200 international museums, galleries, and institutions from 70 countries.

You can experience those museums or art galleries in Virtual reality using Google Cardboard. You can also use this app to search for museums and cultural events around you. It also shows guided tours curated by experts and teaches you something new every day.

At any museum, you can also point your device camera at artworks to learn more about them, even without having active offline.

Download: Android iOS

3. PhotoScan

PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan is a scanner app that lets you scan old photographs and save them in digital format. Just take the picture of any printed picture and get glare-free scans. It has an advanced edge detection mechanism and smart rotation to make sure you are getting a perfect shot.

Download: Android iOS

4. Snapseed


Snapseed is an interesting app for those who love capturing photos from smartphones. The app lets you process, photos and tune them to improve any shot you capture. You get 29 different tools and filters to tweak a photo. I personally use this app to process photos before sharing them on Instagram.

Download : Android iOS

5. Wallpapers


If you love changing the wallpapers of your phone to have different experiences daily, you should know about the Wallpapers app. It brings photos from Google Earth, Google+, and other partners to give you high-resolution wallpapers. You can pick your favorite category and you’ll get a new wallpaper image each day.

Download: Android

6. Datally


Datally is for those who are on a limited data connection. The app lets you have to control your mobile data and helps you in saving mobile data as well. The app claims that you can save up to 30% of mobile data by controlling data usage for apps installed on your phone. It also helps in finding nearby Wi-Fi using the WiFi Finder tool. So, you can save your mobile data by switching to Wi-Fi.

Download: Android

7. Google Googles

Google Googles

Google Googles allows you to take photos of any painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image and search for it to get more information about that object. It can read the text in several languages and translate it into other languages. You can also add contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes. It can also solve Sudoku puzzles.

Download: Android

8. Google Lens

Google Lens

Google Lens helps you in finding identify a plant, animal, or any insect. You can also learn more about popular landmarks, add events to your calendar, get directions and call a number.

Now they have also integrated Google Lens in Google Assistant. If you have an Assistant already, you do not need to install a separate app.

Download: Android

9. Expeditions


Expeditions is a virtual reality tool that lets you take part in immersive virtual tours from all over the world. You can either choose to be a leader or follower of an expedition. The go to places with the help of VR. You can also explore outer space or dive underwater with Sharks. You can explore over 200 expeditions in using a virtual reality device.

Download: Android

10. Measure


Measure is also an interesting app that lets you measure things at your office or house. It works in the same way you used to do with measurement tape. The app can measure length and height of objects on a flat surface. You just need to move drag the distance tool or elevation tool onto a flat surface to measure.

Download: Android

11. Files by Google

Files Go

Files by Google is a file manager app with interesting features. It lets you free up space on your phone, search for files and play your downloaded audio and video files with a built-in media player. The app also includes a feature that lets you share files offline with friends fast, securely, and without data.

Download: Android

12. Science Journal

Science Journal

Science Journal is another interesting app for scholars. You can use this app to get a free digital science notebook. You can keep your notes, photos, and observations all in one convenient place. You can also use the sensors on your phone to measure and graph phenomena such as light, sound, and motion. You can also conduct external sensors via Bluetooth to conduct experiments on the world around you.

Download: Android iOS

13. Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts is a personal safety app that lets you open a direct sharing line between you and your loved ones. The app lets you add your closest friends and family as trusted contacts Trusted contacts can request your location and see your phone’s activity status. It also allows you to share your Google Maps location with those trusted contacts.

Download: Android iOS

14. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is an app for kids up to age 12. The app lets kids draw, animate, and narrate their own cartoons. The app provides a way of telling a story and making an animated movie with characters and voices. The app aims to help in developing skills such as author, director, or musicians

Download: Android iOS

15. Socratic


Socratic is another good learning app from Google. It helps in understanding school work and solving problems. Users can simply use a voice or camera to connect to online resources and get step-by-step explanations or videos. The app has also partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations. The app helps in several subjects including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

Download: Android iOS

16. Grasshopper


Grasshopper is a coding app for kids and beginners. The app includes visual puzzles to develop problem-solving skills. It also provides feedback to guide you like a treacher. The app also lets you write JS codes to solve visual puzzles. There are several levels on the app. Once you passed all the levels, you already have basic coding skills.

Download: Android iOS

Final Words

There are lots of other apps from Google that you may or may not know. You can check all Android apps from Google available on Google Play. I have only listed 13 of those apps that I find interesting but less popular.

What app did you find interesting? Let me know via comments.

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