9 Best Software to Check SSD Health and Performance

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Solid-state States Drives or SSDs offer better performance as compared to traditional spinning hard disks. That is the reason it is now becoming popular and has already replaced regular hard disks in high-end laptops. If your system uses SSD, it will boot faster, app load time will be less you will experience better performance and less power consumption. But the performance of SSDs can decrease over time as they fill up. Especially when you have filed it up to 70%. If you use an SSD drive and want to check SSD health and performance, there are several tools in the market. These tools help you in checking SSD health and help you in minimizing this performance slowdown.

There are several reasons why it is essential to keep a regular check on SSD health. Here are a few:

Performance: Checking the health of your SSD can help you monitor its performance over time. As SSDs age, their performance may degrade, resulting in slower read and write speeds, longer boot times, and other issues. Regularly monitoring the health of your SSD can help you identify potential issues early on and take appropriate action to optimize its performance.

Longevity: SSDs have a limited number of read and write cycles, and each time data is written or erased, it affects the lifespan of the drive. Over time, as the drive wears out, it may start to fail, and you may lose your valuable data. Regularly checking your SSD health can help you keep track of how much life your drive has left and take steps to prolong its lifespan.

Data Security: If your SSD is not healthy, it can result in data loss, which can be disastrous. Regularly monitoring your SSD health can help you identify potential issues early on and take action to prevent data loss. You can use various diagnostic tools to check the health of your SSD and identify any issues before they become severe.

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Software to Check SSD Health

Here is the list of the best software programs to check SSD health.

1. Crystal Disk Info

Crystal Disk Info is one of the most popular tools to monitor SSD health status and temperature. It can also be used with other Hard Disk types. Once you have installed it, you can use it to monitor SSD performance in real time while you are working on your system. You can keep an eye on Read / Write speed, read error rate, throughput performance, and total Power-on time.

Download for: Windows (free)

2. Intel SSD Toolbox

Intel SSD Toolbox is also a good software to monitor SSD’s health, estimate drive life remaining, and S.M.A.R.T. Attributes. This SSD health check tool scans the full SSD area to test the read and write functionality of an Intel SSD including Intel Optane SSDs as well as a data center. It also optimizes performance and updates the firmware on supported SSDs. It checks and tunes system settings for optimal performance and power efficiency. It also offers a secure erase option.

Download for: Windows | MAC | Linux (free)

3. Samsung Magician

Samsung Magician is a similar SSD health checker tool that works with Samsung 950, 850, 840, 830, and 470 Series SSDs. It does Performance benchmarking to give you an idea of the performance status of the SSD. You can check sequential and random read/write speeds. You can also check TBW and estimated the remaining lifespan of your SSD. It also checks Drive health and Total Bytes Written count. You can also use it to optimize your Samsung SSD with three different profiles. The Secure Erase allows wiping out the SSD securely.

Download for: Windows (free)

4. Toshiba SSD Utility

Toshiba SSD Utility is for Toshiba Drives to manage OCZ SSDs. It provides a real-time overview of system status, capacity, interface, health, etc. It offers SSD tuning with three modes. You can use this tool for Health Monitoring, Firmware updating, and Overprovisioning control. It also lets you tune the SSD for long-term life.

Download for: Windows | MAC | Linux (free)

5. Kingston SSD Manager

Kingston SSD Manager is also a nice application to monitor and manage various aspects of Kingston SSD. It lets you monitor your drive’s health, status, and disk usage. It also lets you update drive firmware and securely erase your SSD data. It is available on Windows platforms.

Download for: Windows (free)

6. SSD Life

SSD Life is a dedicated tool for SSDS to measure the lifespan of SSD. So, you know how long your SSD will last on your computer. It gives you an overview of SSD’s health and informs you about any critical defects. It also tells you how to optimize SSD. This tool works with most SSD manufacturers, so you can use it with almost all SSDs available in the market.

Download for: Windows (free trial)

7. SsdReady

SSD Ready is also a Windows-only tool that tracks daily Writes and the total usage of your SSD. By checking your usage pattern, it predicts how long your SSD going to live. So, you will have enough time to take a backup and buy a replacement. This tool also gives you feedback and tips on how to optimize your SSD to extend its life.

Download for: Windows (Free Trial)

8. Crucial Storage Executive

Crucial Storage Executive is a free software tool that can be used to monitor and manage Crucial SSDs. It provides real-time information about the drive’s health, including temperature, wear level, and S.M.A.R.T. attributes. You can use the various tools provided by Crucial Storage Executive to optimize your drive’s performance and prolong its lifespan.

Download for: Windows

9. HDDScan

HDDScan is a free software tool that can be used to check the health of SSDs and HDDs. It provides detailed information about the drive’s health, including S.M.A.R.T. attributes, and can help diagnose and fix common issues. Tjos software also supports external USB drives and all major USB boxes. It can read and analyze information from ATA/SATA/USB/FireWire/SCSI HDD.

Download for: Windows (Free)

Wrap Up

Now you have a list of the best software programs that lets you check SSD health. You can keep an eye on the health of the SSD installed on your system. Most of the tools are available for Windows, but some of these also work fine with Mac and Linux. You can download one depending on your system configuration.

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