7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Featured Image: gearburn.com
Featured Image: gearburn.com


Now we have smartphones with powerful camera capabilities. Many people prefer using smartphones for photos over DSLRs in conditions where smartphones can do a similar job. It is because the smartphone is easier to carry than a DSLR kit. Smartphones cannot just capture good photos, but can also record videos. It can also record good quality slow-motion videos that make the video interesting and help in showcasing activity in a better way.

With the launch of Galaxy S9, Samsung even gave smartphone users a power to record slow-mo videos at 960 fps in 720p resolution. This is Super Slow-Mo to capture interesting moments. Now several other brands including Poco and OnePlus gave users the same option. But not all smartphone camera app offers an option to record Slow-mo videos. If you do not own a flagship Android phone and still want to enjoy slow-motion videos, here is the list if best slow-motion videos apps for Android.

In this article, I am not just including apps to record slow-motion videos, but apps that can convert any video into slow-motion video or app that can play a normal video into slow-motion videos. You may select one depending on your choice.

You can install any of these apps and enjoy recording slow-motion videos.

Best Slow Motion Video Maker Apps for Android

1. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is the best slow motion video recording app for Android. The app not just allows you to record slow-motion videos using your Android phone, but it can also convert any video into slow motion videos. The app is really easy to use and works fine. You can change the pace of the video with a simple scale that ranges between 0.20 and 5.00. So, the app can also record hyper-lapse videos if you want. For that, use the value larger than 1. For slow-motion videos, use the value less than 1.

The app can also upload your videos to social networking sites such as YouTube and Instagram. The app contains ads and comes with in-app purchase options.


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2. Videoshop – Video Editor


As the name suggests, this is a video editing app that lets you perform any kind of editing including trim videos, record voice-overs, add music, adjust colors and create animated titles. This app also allows you to apply the slow-motion effects to any video. You also get the option to apply slow motion to just a part of the clip.

The app is easy to use and works fine. Depending on the video size, it takes time in processing but the end result is always good. If you are looking for a video editor as well, this app is for you. So, not just make slow-motion videos but also perform powerful editing.

This is a free but ad-supported app and offers in-app purchases.


3. Slow Motion Camera

Slow Motion Camera app

Slow Motion Camera is one of the best slow motion video apps for Android. The app comes with modern interface and easy to use editing tools. You can create slow-motion videos by either shooting live through the camera or by importing the video from the gallery. You can also reverse and loop videos to share on other social media platforms. The app lets you crop, trim, rotate, change audio, apply effects, and a lot more. The app also includes options to add text on video, add stylish stickers, emojis and more. You can also rotate or flip videos.


4. Efectum


Efectum is a another excellent slow-motion video app for Andrid. This app lets you either capture a new video or add an existing video from your phone to the app. Then you can perform several kinds of editing including crops cut, trim, adjust video speed, reverse and more. In video speed control, you can make the video slo-mo or fast-mo. The app also lets you add music and adjust the music volume. Efectum is free to download but contains ads. The app also offers in-app purchases. So, download the app and start creating smooth slow motion video or a cool reverse videos.


5. Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 is also a video editing app with lots of editing options. The app allows you to apply slow motion effect on videos. You can also apply fast motion. You can slow the speed of the video to 0.25X and you can apply fast motion to 4X. It also compresses the video without losing quality. The app can trim videos, add background music, set final resolution and more.


6. Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player

As the name suggests, this is just a video player with an option to slow down the speed of a video and watch it in the slow-motion. You can just tap in plus and a minus buttons to increase or decreases the video playback speed.

As the app is just a player, you have no option to apply the slow-motion effects. The original video will still be at normal playback speed. It is just to watch a video in slow motion.


7. AndroVid

AndroVid slo-mo app

AndroVid is a good video editor app that also acts as a slow motion video app for Android. The app lets you slow down your videos and also reverse the video. This video editing app lets you trim the videos and convert them into GIF Ising given options. AndroVid video app can also convert videos to a variety of formats like 3GP, AVI, FLV, MPG, MP4, WMV, MOV, and VOB formats. The app is free to download but there is also a paid version.


Final Words

Slow motion video Apps that I mentioned on this list are good and work awesome. You can pick any of these apps and see if that works fine on your phone. If you need the capability to shoot slow-motion video direct from the camera and do not want post-processing, Slow Motion Video FX is for you. Slow-motion videos look interesting and you may have also seen the use of slow-mo videos in movies and several videos where.

I hope you found this article interesting. If you have already been using a slow-mo app on your Android phone that I didn’t mention in this list, do not forget to share the name of that app with us. I will surely check that and see if I can replace any of existing apps with that.