7 Best Flashlight apps for Android

Best Flashlight apps for Android

Low-cost entry level featured phones come with a torchlight. These phones are really famous in India and are useful when there is a power cut or you in a dark place. Now even smartphones also offer flashlight option that uses smartphone’s camera flash as a torch. Both Android and iOS offer quick way from control center to qucikly turn on the flashlight and use the phone as a torch. There are also many good third-party flashlight apps that not just offer flashlight but several other options like controlling the brightness, changing colors and more. So in this article, I am listing best Flashlight apps for Android.

Flashlight Apps For Android

These are a few best flashlight apps you need to install in your phone.

1. Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight: Best Flashlight apps

Color Flashlight is a nice app which not just offers a the flashlight feature. This flashlight app comes with options to use your phone’s display as a flashlight of various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. The app offers cool Custom Effects including police light, candle-light, a rainbow, a disco ball, and more.

It is a free app but contains ads. It is also compatible with most of the available smartphones.

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2. Tiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight: flashlight App

This is a nice flashlight app for Android smartphone. It uses the smartphone’s camera LED flash as a torch. It offers bright light for better visibility. There are also some extra features but it requires extra plugins. The app has persistent notification toggle and it also supports on-screen flashlights along with LED flashlight.

It is also ads supported app but ads don’t ruin the experience.

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3. Flashlight

Flashlight app

Flashlight is also an impressive flashlight app. The app doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions and also do not show intrusive popup ads. It comes with gesture support. So, double shake your phone sideways yo turn flashlight on or off. It also comes with a flashlight widget. The app works even if the phone is locked. The app is free but there is also a pro version.

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4. Flashlight HD LED

Flashlight HD LED

This is also a nice app which lets users use the Flashlight of the Android phone as a torch in the dark. This app is simple to use and works fine on all the Android phones. Not just an LED flash, it also uses the phone’s screen as a color light lamp. The app comes with home screen widgets and multiple colors for the screen lamp.

It is a free app with ads. There is also a pro version of the app that doesn’t show ads and it costs $2.99.

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5. Torch – Ultimate Flashlight

Torch - Ultimate Flashlight

Torch is simple, lightweight, and fast LED flashlight app for Android phones. The app can use camera LED as torch and also use screen as torch if needed. The app is simple to use and has 3 switches along with a widget to add torch to home screen. It just asks for camera permission becuase app need this to access and control the camera. The app is completely free and is less than 1 MB in size. 

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6. Flashlight by Art Line

Flashlight: flashlight apps

Flashlight is also a simple but bright flashlight for Android smartphones. It also has a widget flashlight. The app turns on the bright flashlight. You can either use the phone’s screen of LED flash for light. It is also a very lightweight app with no unnecessary fluff.

The is completely free but contains ads and comes with in-app purchases options. It also doesn’t ask for any unnecessary permissions.

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7. Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster

Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster: flashlight apps

This is another excellent Flashlight app you can try if you are looking for one. It uses the phone’s screen of LED flash for the torch. It has a variety of patterns for light including stuff like Morse Code, SOS, and other stuff. It is a simple and free app for a flashlight. It also shows ads but you can pay if you don’t want to see ads.

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Final Words

Here is the list of best flashlights app for Android phones. If you are looking for a good flashlight app, you can download any of these apps. I have also added the description of these apps along with the download. So, you can read about the given flashlight apps and download any if you want.

What are your views about these apps? Would you like to use your Android smartphone as a torch with these apps? Let us know your views via comments?

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