10 Best Apple Watch Games

Apple Watch Games

Apple watch is not like any other smartwatch which you can buy on the market right now. It delivers an experience like no other. This tool pumps up productivity by a respectable amount. The Apple watch can even perform ECG, which gives a clear idea of how capable its hardware is. However, as a person who always finds ways to play games everywhere and anywhere. That 1.78 inches screen could be a magnificent source of entertainment. I was surprised to see what the Apple watch had to offer. There are a lot of fun games for the Apple Watch and I have made a list of the best Apple Watch games.

I played most of them, if not all, and here’s my list of top 10 games I encountered on the Apple watch.

Let’s Begin!

Best Apple Watch Games

Have a look at this list of the best Apple Watch games. If you own Apple Watch, download any of these games and enjoy the gaming on your wrist.

1. POP

POP: Apple Watch Games 

This one is the most satisfactory to me. I have always been a fan of popping bubble wraps ( who isn’t ?) and, this game gives almost the same feeling of popping a bubble from the wrap. The only thing different is this bubble is going off on a digital screen. Apart from it, nothing else! Watch gives haptic feedback and sound of what you will get when you ‘pop’ a bubble. This app has nothing else to offer other than a satisfying pop. It is fun, time killer, pleasing, and does not cost a penny!

Price: Free

Download it here

2. Brainess – Train your brain

Brainess - Train your Brain

What can be any better than sharpening your brain while playing a game!

This app comes in handy if you ever feel like challenging yourself with some tasks. App has mini-games and, they all revolve around retention power. Brainless has mathematical and logical problems, which sure are engaging. The app is a perfect time killer.

Price: $0.99

Download it here

3. Square Bird

Square Bird Watch - Block Jump

Remember the nostalgic ‘Flappy Bird‘ game? This app has the same gameplay and mechanics as its inspiration. The only difference is instead of tapping the screen we, use the Apple watch’s crown to control the bird. I could not pass the 3rd level. It’s tough and as challenging as it can be.

The game runs very smoothly and is fun to play. And in case you want to try it beforehand, the app is also available on Android/iOS devices.

Price: Free

Download it here

4. Life Line 2

Life Line 2: Apple Watch games

The game starts as a story where you interact with a stranger or respawn differently. It has multiple-choice questions where your decisions take to your fate! The game is playable on iOS devices also. It syncs games on both devices in real-time so that you can always start where you left off! LifeLine 2 has a runtime of 30 minutes which is twice the original LifeLine.

Price: $0.99

Download it here

5. Tube Snake

Tubesnake: Apple Watch games

Tube Snake is another ‘classic‘ that the Apple watch has to offer and, it comes with a twist. The snake crawls in small tubes while collecting balls. If you fail to collect balls snake will die. It obviously, becomes harder to play as time passes. Watch’s crown is the controller and, its sensitivity increases with levels. It is a complete package of fun and thrill!

Price: $1.99

Download it here

6. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit: Apple Watch games

This game is for people who fancy breaking into vaults but go all chicken when the time comes ( just kidding! ). The app is delightful, to begin with, and has magnificent gameplay. Pocket Bandit is the perfect time killer. It lets you break into vaults to steal money and jewels. Things become tough once you find a vault with an anti-theft device installed!

Price: $0.99

Download it here

7. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies: Apple Watch games

I enjoy playing strategic games. They bring whole another level of meaning to online competition. I remember playing ‘Clash of Clans‘ for straight hours, and if you love strategic games too, Tiny Armies is the best shot to it. It has various modes and, the most notable are ‘solo play‘ and ‘friend battle‘. Simple swiping on the screen does the job! You don’t have to bother crown. It gets challenging when it introduces environmental objects like mountains and lakes.

Price: $0.99

Download it here

8. Rules

Rules: Apple Watch games

It is a highly praised and editor’s choice game! Rules is another puzzle-solving game where you get to sharpen your brain while making your way through problems. You have to clear levels with the help of rules. But, the catch is when you advance in the game you see, “RULE 1” “RULE 2“. It indeed is challenging since learning rules then and it is not easy!

Price: $2.99

Download it here

9. Chess

Chess: Game for Apple Watch

This game needs no introduction. There are so many streamers streaming chess this very time. Chess has always been a fan favourite. The simple rules and complexity of every move keep its fan base hooked! Apple Watch has the same environment to offer with a smaller screen. The best thing is you do not play against the computer. You get to match with players around the globe! It has a leaderboard to keep track of your performance.

Price: Free

Download it here

10. Mind Keeper

Mind Keeper: Game for Apple Watch

This game is my personal favorite! The game has insane graphics for Watch. It is a story-based game and, for obvious reasons, I do not want to spoil it for you. The game’s objective is that you have to collect gems while controlling the player through the Apple Watch’s crown. As the level increases, gems are harder to find. You even get monsters to hinder your way. This game is a complete 10/10.

Price: $1.99

Download it here

That’s it for the list. These are my top 10 Apple Watch games. I genuinely found them fun and engaging. If you have other titles in your mind which you think should have been made into this list, feel free to leave them in the comments. I will keep updating the list.

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