3 Cool App Lockers For iOS

App Lockers for iOS
App Lockers for iOS


Apple has been very keen regarding the privacy and security of its device since the beginning. The privacy on an iPhone is so strict that the apps can not communicate with each other, except for basic link exchange. Hence most App Lockers can not lock other apps on an iPhone. While Android users have so many apps for locking apps or many popular ROM offers it as the built-in option, iOS users are still waiting to get this option. However, there are few apps which can protect your apps and data from your sneaky friends.

Note that the mentioned apps can be downloaded through Cydia Repo require a jailbroken device.

App Lockers for iOS

These are 3 good app locker apps for iOS devices. Try any of these if you want to password protect your social media apps.

1. Locktopus:

Locktopus enables you to share your device with someone and not worry about them accessing other apps. This app locks down apps individually on you iPhone, providing the much-needed security to your app.

This app is available for all jailbroken iPhones and iPads through Cydia. It is super easy to use the Locktopus app, as all you need to do is install the app and change the default password from “password” to a stronger one; tap and hold the icon and then lock it and you are done!

Locktopus is a paid app and costs $2.

Download Here

2. iProtect:

If you seek a more powerful App Locker, iProtect is here to cater to your needs. Alongside creating passwords for individual apps, this app alerts the user when the device is rebooted or the SIM is swapped, the alert is sent via a text message to a customizable number.

iProtect can be toggled on/off with a single button. In case you ever forget your password, a reminder question is provided. This app is available for a cost of £5.40 and is highly effective.


3. BioProtect:

BioProtect can be described as an App Locker on steroids. BioProtect stands out from the other App Lockers as it primarily focuses on providing security to your apps via Touch ID.

BioProtect is supported on iPhone 5s and its later models, as the earlier device do not have a Touch ID.

BioProtect is easy to configure and is very secure, fingerprint data is secure and is not shared anywhere. It definitely is the better looking App Locker out there and costs just $2.99 and is available for download through Cydia.


Final Words

If you are looking for app lock for iPhone without jailbreak, you will be disappointed. It is because Apple has not allowed this kind of apps to come in App Store. The best app locker for iPhone is only available if you jailbreak your phone.

I hope this post helps. If you have anything to ask, you can comment below.