3 Best App Lockers For iPhone

Lock apps on iPhone

Nowadays, privacy is really important because different apps have our personal information, sensitive messages, and personal data. So, a lot of people like to lock apps for privacy. WhatsApp has an option to lock access using Fingerprint or Face ID, but not other apps. What if you do not want someone, having access to your phone’s passcode, access your Instagram messages? If someone knows your phone’s passcode, he/she can access your Snapchat, Instagram, or other apps that do not have built-in option for blocking apps. In such cases, app lockers come into play. App lockers provide the ability to lock specific applications with an extra layer of security. Although there is no default way to lock apps on iPhone and iPad, you can still lock apps using the Shortcuts app. There are also a few apps that let you hide or lock apps on iPhone using the Screen Time feature of iPhone. If you want to lock or hide apps in your iPhone to prevent unauthorized access, keep reading. In this detailed article, I am going to provide you with a few ways and apps to lock apps on your iPhone.

Lock apps on iPhone

1. Shortcuts app

Apple provides a built-in app called Shortcuts that lets you set some automatisations. You can use it to create an automation to block access to any app until FaceId is not verified. Create an automation to open the Lock Screen when trying to open the app you want to lock.

Open the Shortcuts app and go to the Automation tab. Now tap the + icon at the top left corner to create a new personal automation. Here, select App and then select the app you want to lock. Make sure Is Opened is selected and then tap Next. Now tap Add action and select Lock Screen. Then tap Next and disable the toggle “Ask before running.” Now tap Done.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

2. AppLocker

AppLocker For iPhone

AppLocker is an interesting app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac to lock individual apps. There are not many configurations Just open the AppLocker app, add a password, and select the apps you want to password protect. This app requires access to ScreenTime for locking apps. Make sure to give it permission. Once you do that, it asks you to set up a 4-digit PIN. This pin will be used to access AppLocker. Now select the apps you want to lock. It automatically hides the app icon from your iPhone. It will feel like the app was never there. Whenever you want to access hidden apps, Open AppLocker and Select apps to unghost. It is really easy to use the app to hide apps on your iPhone.

But this app requires a Premium subscription to unlock all features and remove all limits.


3. LockID – AppLock & Photo Vault

LockID - AppLock & Photo Vault

This is an interesting app that acts as an all-in-one app for privacy on your iPhone. The app lets you lock apps, photos, and videos to prevent them from unauthorized access. This app also uses Screen Time to hide apps. The only issue with this app is that it requires a subscription for hiding or locking apps. So, it is better to use the Shortcuts app or Screen Time app to block access to apps you want to hide.


Wrap up

You already know that app lockers play an important role in safeguarding the privacy of your phone. There’s no direct option to lock apps on iPhone, but you can achieve it using Screen Time or Shortcuts app. You can also use third-party apps that use the Screen Time feature of the iPhone to hide apps from your iPhone. I have made a list of three app locks in iPhone. Try these apps and let me know what do you think about those apps.

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