Zebronics ZEB AEON review

zebronics zeb aeon review

Recently, I saw a headphones listing on Amazon and found it interesting. The headphones promise more than 110 hours of battery backup and ANC. These features at just Rs. 1999 are good. So, I decided to test the headphones and see if it is worth buying. In today’s article, I am giving my detailed review of Zebronics ZEB AEON review.

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Zebronics ZEB AEON comes with a Type-C cable for charging and a 3.5mm male-to-male cable for using the headphones as wired headphones if you want.

Now let’s have a look at the design and build. The headphones are made of plastic, but they feel good for the price. They’re lightweight and comfortable. Earcups and headbands have cushion padding for comfort. Headbands are also adjustable to fit most heads. The ear cups fold inwards for easy storage. However, the folding mechanism uses a plastic hinge, which might raise durability concerns in the long run.

The left ear cup is your control center. There’s a 3.5mm jack for wired listening, a Type-C port for charging, a tiny LED light for charging notifications, and a power button. The power button also acts as a play/pause button. There are also volume rocker keys and a dedicated ANC button. These buttons are easy to reach and use. So, you can easily control sound, music, and calls.

The sound quality is decent for the price range. It’s similar to other headphones priced around 2000. The headphone packs 40 mm drivers that perform well. The headphone sounds well with good bass along with clear mids and highs.

But don’t expect audiophile-level detail or depth. It doesn’t become too loud even at the loudest volume level. Another good thing is that it doesn’t leak much sound. So, the person sitting next to you won’t know what song you are playing.

Zebronics Zeb Aeon review

The Active Noise Cancellation is one of the features that make it a notable headphone. However, the ANC performance is average. You will only notice a slight difference after you turn on ANC. That might be acceptable for a budget headphone. But, If noise cancellation is a major priority for you, then this headphone might not be a good choice.

The headphone also has a gaming mode. Double-tap the power button to switch to gaming mode. Enable gaming mode to reduce the latency while playing the game. I tried it while playing games and it works well.

The calling experience is good. The ENC performs well and you can also have good calling in outdoor conditions.

The headphone also supports dual pairing. So, you can keep it connected to two devices simultaneously and use it accordingly.

Zebronics Zeb Aeon review

Zebronics claims 110 hours of battery life on a single charge if you use it at around 50% of sound level. I have been using the headphones for more than a week for both music and calls. Since the ANC doesn’t make much difference, I kept it off constantly. I got around 70 hours of battery backup on a single charge. That’s also really impressive. With ANC on, the battery backup will further drop. Counting exact hours for such a long battery backup wasn’t easy and I also used the headphones mostly at 100% sound level. That’s the reason I am putting approximate numbers. The headphone takes around 2 hours to charge.

So, is the Zebronics ZEB AEON for you?

If you prioritize crazy battery life and good sound at a budget-friendly price, this headphone is for you. It’s a great option for casual listeners who need headphones that can last for days.

If you want a premium build, premium sound quality, and good ANC performance, this headphone is not for you.

Buy Here: Amazon

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