Quantum QHM 12500 mAh Power Bank Review

Quantum QHM 12500 mAh Power Bank
Quantum QHM 12500 mAh Power Bank


Quantum has wide range of good power banks to offer. Recently, I started testing its newly launched QHM 12500 mAh Power Bank that comes with fast charging support and good build. Based on my experience, here is the review of Quantum QHM 12500 mAh Power Bank.

This power bank looks bulky but that also makes the design solid. The build is good and it has small squares on front and back to give it a unique look. That also contribute in offering a better griup. At the top side, it has a LED light for torch and a microUSB input for charging this power bank.

On the front side, it has 4 LED indicators in form of numbers 25, 50, 75 and 100. These LED indicators indicate the battery level of this power bank.

Just below the LEDs, there is a power button. It has several functions.

  • Press once for turning LED indicators ON.
  • Press twice for tuning LED indicators OFF
  • Press and hold for 4 seconds to turn on LED torch
  • Press twice or Press and hold for 4 seconds to turn off LED torch

At the left side, it has 3 USB ports. SO, you can charge up to 3 devices at a time. This is an advantage because most of the power banks come with just 2 USB out puts.

The power bank comes with almost 35 cm long microUSB cable and quality of this cable is good.

The power bank has 12500 mAh Li-ion battery capacity. The good thing is that input supports 10W (5V / 2A) fast charging and all three outputs also support 10W (5V / 2A) fast charging. It also claims RISC micro processor controlled fast charging for enhancing the battery life cycle.

I tested this powerbank and was able to charge my OnePlus 5 twice from 5% to 100%, Zenfone 3 from 20% to 100% and Redmi Note 3 from 3% to 18%. So, this power bank is offering around 75% to 80% of conversion ration. That is really excellent conversion ratio.

This power bank takes over 7 hours in fully charging from 0 – 100% using a 5V-2A charger.

Quantum has also taken security of consumers seriously. This is the reason, it has used A Grade BIS approved Li-ion battery. The power bank also features over charge and under charge voltage protection. The company claims the battery life of 500 charge/discharge cycles.

There is also a torch that can be useful in case of power cut. That torch is not much powerful but helpful when you need it.

This power bank offers good build quality and solid performance. Now if you look at other products, Power bank of similar capacities are available at lower prices. Few are available for as low as Rs. 1100. QHM 12500 mAh just has 3 fast charging ports as an advantage but Rs. 2000 seems bit expensive. You can still get this power bank for less than Rs. 1700 on Amazon.in.

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Where to buy:

Quantum QHM 12500 mAh Power Bank

7.6 Score

"It offers amazing conversion ratio."

The Good

  • Solid Build
  • 3 Output ports
  • Fast Charging

The Bad

  • Costly


  • Design 70%
  • Performance 70%
  • Features 80%
  • Value for money 60%