Quantum QHM 10000 Power Bank Review

Quantum QHM 10000 review
Quantum QHM 10000 review


Recently Quantum launched a new 10000 mAh power bank ‘QHM 10000’ in India. The power bank comes with good build having leather finish and nice features. So, I decided to test it and find out its performance. After using it for over a week, this is my review of Quantum QHM 10000 power bank.

Quantum QHM 10000 Power Bank Review

Before I talk about the power bank, have a look on the things you get in the box.

  • Power Bank
  • micro USB Cable
  • Manual

Quantum QHM 10000

As the name suggests, this power bank comes with 10000 mAh battery capacity. The body of the power bank is made of plastic but with leather finish. It also has stitching on the front to give you a leather feel. The power bank looks good and build quality is also excellent. Due the leather finish and curved edges, it offers good grip and feels nice.

At the front, it has 4 LED indicators along with a button for checking power level. At the top, it has a microUSB port for charging the power bank and a LED torch. It has 3 Full Size USB port at the left side. So, you can charge three devices at the same time. This is the primary advantage of this power bank.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Output Power: 10W (5V/2A MAX)
  • Input Power: 10W (5V/2A MAX)

The power bank performs well. I could fully charge OnePlus 5 having 3300 mAh battery capacity twice and around 20% last time. Later I tested with Asus Zenfone max pro M1 that has 5000 mAh battery. I could charge it from 5% to 100% once and then from 4% to 40%.  So, it offers efficient conversion. The power bank takes around 6 hours in fully charging from 0 to 100%. I never felt any kind of heating during my usage. Neither when it was on charging nor while charging any of my devices with it.

Quantum QHM 10000 Power Bank Review

It also supports pass through charging, so you can charge this power bank and your phone with it at the same time.

The LED torch feature is also a good addition and can be helpful in many cases. Press and hold the power key to turn on the torch and do the same or press power key twice to turn it off.

To keep your devices safe, this power bank features intelligent input and output control. It also has built-in short circuit protection, overcharge protection and overheat protection.

Final Words

QHM 10000 by Quantum is a good power bank that is no different from other 10000 mAh powerbank from Quantum. The company has several power bank with same features. It has same performance, but offers a different design that you will surely like. If you are looking for a 10000 mAh power bank, you can also consider this one.


Quantum QHM 10000 Power Bank

8.3 Score

"The leather finish gives it a different look and it performs well."

The Good

  • Good Conversion
  • Solid Build
  • Three Output
  • Torch

The Bad

  • Nothing


  • Design and Build 80%
  • Performance 80%
  • Features 80%
  • Value for money 75%