What is tempered glass protector and why choose it over Plastic Screen Protector?

Tempered glass protector
Tempered glass protector


Tempered Glass is not a new term and you may have either used it or thought to use one for your smartphone. In this article, I will tell you a few important things about tempered glass. So keep reading.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a kind of glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to offer better strength compared to normal glass. It is up to five times stronger than normal glass and offers better clarity than a plastic screen cover. This type of glass breaks differently than normal glass.

A tempered glass protector is a multi-layer screen protector with the bottom layer of absorbent silicon and uses tempered glass.

Primary benefits of using Tempered glass protector

These are the primary benefits of using a Tempered glass protector in your phone.

  • It protects the screen from shocks and scratches
  • Good viewing experience
  • It is easier to clean and resistant to smudges
  • Replaceable and Reusable

Not all tempered glass screen protectors offer all of these tempered glasses.

Important things to consider while buying a tempered glass

The quality of tempered glass always matters. If you buy a cheap one, you will not get proper protection. If you are seriously thinking about the protection of your phone’s display, you must consider a few things before buying tempered glass. If you are buying online, go through the description of the product to make sure it doesn’t miss the quality checks

These are the things to consider:

Size: Tempered glass is made to use on a specific model. So, you cannot randomly select a tempered glass. Always look for a tempered glass made for your phone’s model. Any random tempered may interrupt the working sensors or camera.

Oleophobic Coating: It is a special oil-repellant coating that prevents oily fingermarks from sticking to the screen.
Sharpness and Clarity: It is the most important thing to check. Few cheap tempered glass protectors show Rainbow Effect Problem and result in a poor viewing experience. Anti-glare: Tempered glass with an Anti-glare feature improves the viewing experience in sunlight and bright light.

Anti-glare: Tempered glass with an Anti-glare feature improves the viewing experience in sunlight and bright light.

Hardness Rating: Always check for hardness rating and buy one with9-10h hardness.

Disadvantages of Tempered Glass

The only issue with Tempered Glasses is that it is thicker and increase the thickness of your phone.

Why choose it over Plastic Screen Protector?

Tempered glass protects the screen from scratches and screen broken. It offers clear visibility while plastic screen protectors affect the visibility. Plastic covers are also not as smooth as Tempered glass. The tempered glass feels like actual display glass.

Should I use tempered glass on a phone with gorilla glass protection?

This is the most common question people generally ask. The answer is Yes. Gorilla Glass is itself tempered glass to offer a stronger and scratch-resistant display. But Gorilla Glass will certainly break if you drop your phone from a certain height. Tempered glass is not as robust as gorilla glass. So, Gorilla Glass is definitely stronger than any Tempered Glass. You can still use your phone without tempered glass, but there is no issue in adding an extra layer of protection. If you use tempered glass, accidental damage will affect the tempered and your phone’s display glass will be safe. You can replace tempered glass for a much lower cost than the cost of screen replacement.

Final Words

Tempered Glass Protectors are worth to use but be sure to buy a quality one. With cheap Tempered Glass, you will save a small amount but you could end up paying much higher.