iPhone 12 is getting wireless charging speed boost

iPhone 12 battery pack

Apple is bringing Qi2 wireless charging support to iPhone 12 with iOS 17.4 update. Although Apple has now officially confirmed it, MacWorld confirmed that the iPhone 12 charges at 15W wirelessly when charged with a non-MagSafe Qi2 charger.

Qi2 is the latest wireless charging standard that can achieve 15W of wireless charging speed.

Until now, iPhone 12’s wireless charging speed was limited to 7.5W with Qi chargers and 15W with Apple-certified MagSafe chargers. After updating it to iOS 17.4, the iPhone 12 has started supporting 15W speed with a MagSafe Qi2 charger.

It is worth noting that iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 received Qi2 support through iOS 17.2. So, these phones already support 15W wireless charging via Qi2.

Apple added support for wireless charging with the iPhone X and introduced MagSafe wireless charging in 2020 with the iPhone 12. Qi2 replicates MagSafe’s functionality with better wireless charging speeds.

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