Marshall launches Homline III series of speakers in India

Marshall Homline III series
Marshall Homline III series

Marshall launched its Homline III series with Acton, Stanmore, and Woburn speakers in India. The series promises a wider soundstage than its predecessor. Marshall The new generation of speakers comes with tweeters angled outwards and updated waveguides for cloud sound.x

In the latest generation of the home line-up, the company has improved to offer a wider soundstage than before. So, these speakers deliver heavy Marshall signature sound for an immersive experience. With a built-in Placement Compensation feature, these speakers can also compensate for any nearby reflective surfaces that may interfere with the sound.

You can quickly pair speakers with your phone and play. These speakers include a Bluetooth pairing button, power switch, bass and treble controls, and a control knob to control music without picking up your phone.

All the speakers feature Bluetooth 5.2 and a 3.5 mm input. So, you can have wireless music streaming along with wired connectivity. Download the Marshall Bluetooth app to access advanced settings. WOBURN III also features HDMI input for connecting with your TV.

Pricing and availability
  • Marshall Acton III – Rs. 31,999
  • Marshall Stanmore III – 41,999
  • Marshall Woburn III – Rs. 59,999

These speakers are now available from the company’s website,, and other retailers across India, starting today.