Valve removed Dust 2 from ‘CS: GO’ Map Pool

Dust 2
Dust 2

Valve has removed Dust 2 from the active map pool in CS: GO. This map has been replaced by Anubis. Dust 2 is the most iconic map in Counter-Strike and most CS players love to play it. While the Dust 2 map will still be playable in casual, deathmatch, and competitive modes, it has been removed from the active pool so that it cannot be played at the professional level.the Pro level.

The change came after the IEM Rio Major 2022. It is not clear if there was any incident at the event that triggered these changes.

Dust 2 has been a part of the game since its beginning and is one of the most loved maps. This map has seen several great moments of counter strike. No one expected the removal of Dust II.

Anubis is a community-made map that was first introduced in 2020. This Egyptian-themed map has never seen competitive play in CSGO but several professional players play it in their streams. Anubis will become part of the Major for the first time in only a few months. It will be interesting to see how players respond to this new map.