Thieves are using AirTags to track and steal cars


Earlier this year, Apple launched AirTag that can be used to track items. This device helps you locate any objects that you tag with it. Apple also uses hundreds of millions of iPhones to locate any lost or stolen devices. Now thieves are also using this Apple device to tag cars in a public parking lot and track the owner’s home. Stealing a car from the driveway is easier than risking from a public location.

Investigators with the York Regional Police Auto/Cargo Theft Unit have confirmed this in a press release on how thieves are tracking and stealing high-end vehicles across York Region using AirTags.

Officers have investigated five incidents since September 2021 where thieves have used Airtags to track high-end vehicles and steal them.

Thieves put this small tracking device in a car at public places like malls or parking lots. Then they track the vehicles to the victim’s residence. The small tracker is hard to notice and makes it easier to steal a car in an isolated place.

Even if the AirTags is playing a small but vital role in the whole operation. The York Regional Police has also advised car owners to employ several measures to reduce the risk of having their car stolen. Car owners should start using wheel locks and gear locks to prevent theft. They should also use a quality surveillance system and add a dashcam to record what happens to the car. Drivers should also routinely inspect their devices for trackers like AirTags.

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