Instagram is rolling out DMs to the web

Instagram DM web
Instagram DM web

Instagram is finally rolling out the Direct messaging feature to the desktop site. That means you can now access the conversation from your desktop browser.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri also tweeted to confirm this new along with a link to The Verge article.

You can start a new conversation, send text messages, send photos and respond to existing conversations via Instagram DM. You can also create a new group to share group conversations. Double tap to like a message also works. It will also send you desktop notifications for DMs if you enable desktop notifications for Instagram.

People who are managing brand profiles will surely welcome this move. It will also make life easier for a blogger like us who use Instagram DMs to communicate with followers and brands.

For now, it is available only to a small percentage of people but will surely be available to all in the coming weeks. I checked for my profile and Blog’s profile, but couldn’t see DMs for me on the web for any of the profiles I manage.

We all know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to give messaging and stories option wherever he could. I also wanted to integrate the messages of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct together to bring one inbox. But that couldn’t work and now he wants to leave no platform where users don’t have messaging options.

Instagram launched a web client back in 2013 and the DM feature is also there since 2013. So, it took more than 6 years for the company to realize that DM should be on the web client as well.