Photoshop Camera is Adobe’s new AI-Powered Camera App

Photoshop Camera
Photoshop Camera

Adobe has just announced the launch of a new AI-Powered camera app called Adobe Photoshop Camera. The app is now available as a preview for iOS and Android and will be available to all in 2020.

This camera app uses Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform, Sensei, to recognize objects in scenes and then automatically suggest image filters for better photos. You can either use filters in real-time while capturing photos or apply to already captured images. The pp also understands technical content like dynamic range, face regions and scene-type of the photo and automatically applies complex adjustments according to these factors.

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The company retains Photoshop branding because it believes that the app also brings the “Photoshop Magic” to photos by making edits much easier on the go. There are a lot of apps for editing photos and applying filters, but the Photoshop camera takes a different approach.

The app also uses the power of the creative community and lets users access a fed of lenses made by well-known artists and influencers.

If you want to get early access to the app, you can sign up for the limited preview here.