Google Maps has started rolling out incognito mode for Android app to all users


Incognito mode for Google Maps on Android is finally available. The rollout has already begun and it will soon be soon available to all users. If you are an iOS user, you will have to wait for a few more months.

YouTube started testing incognito mode last year in May 2018. It took more than one and a half years to bring this feature to all Android users.

To use Incognito mode on YouTube for Android, Open the app and tap on your profile picture. Here, you will see the option “Turn on Incognito mode.” Tap on this to go incognito.

When you enable the incognito, it will show a message confirming you are into incognito mode and your activity for the session will be cleared after you exit the incognito or become inactive.

Your searches in Incognito mode will not be saved, but it doesn’t turn off all tracking. It will also not save your location for Location History.

This mode is useful if you care for your privacy and do not want YouTube to record your search history. But it will also stop showing you recommendations based on your interest and previous watch history.