Face unlock of Pixel 4 unlocks the phone even if your eyes are closed


Google recently launched its Pixel 4 series and debuts advanced sensor-based Face Unlocking system. Google was so proud of it that it removed the fingerprint sensor from the phone. Now it has been reported that the Face Unlock works even if eyes are closed. So anyone can keep the phone in front of you when you are sleeping and unlock the phone.

Suprising thing is that Google knows this and didn’t care to address it. It also warns users to keep the phone at a safe place to avoid the unlocking of your phone by someone else by holding up your phone to your face when your eyes are closed.

A few Android phones suffered this issue in the past but they were using software-based Face Unlock using just the front camera. They also addressed the issue soon after it was reported.

Apple also comes with Face ID that requires attention. Not just open eyes, it also requires the person to look on the screen of the phone. That is the reason Apple claims it to be secure and use it for payment authentication.

It is also interesting to note that the leaked photos of Pixel 4 in the past revealed the presence of toggled “Requires eyes to be open” in the Face Unlock settings page. But this option is not present in the devices that will be shipped to consumers next well. We can expect this toggle to be available soon to all Pixel 4 devices soon if Google has been working on this.

With the current state, the Face Unlock feature doesn’t protect the phone. Anyone can forcefully or cleverly unlock your phone to access your personal photos and data.

Source: BBC


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