Google introduces auto-delete location history and activity data

Google Search
Google Search

Google has announced that it will soon add an option to auto-delete location history and other activity data it records. The feature will be rolled out soon.

You can already access your Location History and Web & App Activity and choose to delete all or a part of that data manually. But there was no option for auto-delete. So, the new option will make this easier.

All you have to do it to choose a time limit for how long Google is allowed to save your activity data. You have the option to select a time period between three and 18 months. Any older data than the selected limit will be deleted automatically.

Google relies on this data to target ads. This data helped the company in becoming one of the most valuable companies. But it has also struggled to convince customers and regulators that it respects privacy. This is the reason, it has to give users an option to delete data manually.

For now, Google is just launching the feature for location history, as well as web and app activity. But Google collects plenty of other data in your Google Account. These are your voice and audio activity, YouTube searches and watch history. These things are not included in this auto-delete service. I hope Google will sure add these things in the auto-delete feature.

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