Canon is planning for 8K-capable full-frame mirrorless camera

EOS R System
EOS R System

Canon has confirmed their plans of developing a new full-frame mirrorless camera that can record 4K videos. This was told by a top product planning executive, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, in an interview given to Imaging Resource.

In the interview, Yoshiyuki revealed said that video will be a major factor into the future of the EOS R system.

“Video will play a huge role in the EOS R System for sure,” the executive tells Imaging Resource. “For example, an 8K video capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap.”

“And we are not just looking at video from a camera perspective, we are also working on how to make RF lenses better for video capture as well. For example, the RF 24-105mm F4L was the first L-series lens with Nano USM technology, which contributes to silent and smooth autofocus while shooting video,” he said.

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It is worth to note that the Canon is still at 4K even if it launched a full-HD capable camera 5D Mark II in 2008. In 2016, the company launched 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II DSLRs capable of 4K recording. But it took until last year when the company adopted mirrorless 4K with the EOS M50. The EOS R can also shoot 4K but 1.8x crop factor makes it very difficult to record wide shots.

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We are still not sure what does it mean by saying “on the roadmap”. It could be announced later this year or coming in the next few years. So, we can only guess, but Canon needs to be quick. With increasing video content, now people want better quality videos and content creators are now switching to 4K and many wish to capture content in 8K.


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