Amazon launches its social commerce platform Spark in India

Amazon Spark
Amazon Spark

After a month of beta testing, finally, Amazon is launching its social commerce platform Spark for everyone.

Spark is the part of Amazon app and lets people discover things from other people sharing the same interest. When you first start using this platform, it asks for your interest and then uses this data to create a personalized feed using content from other Amazon customers having similar interest.

Spark takes your shopping experience to a new level. You can post about the product you are using or ask for recommendations. Your posts will be shown to all people sharing same interest what you added on your profile. When you see an interesting post on your feed, you can tap on the product link to buy it.

Amazon Spark

You can also interact with people by competing on their posts. So, you can basically use this platform for taking advice or giving feedback to other people.

For using Spark, you can install Amazon app on your smartphone. Check the menu item for Program and features and then tap on Amazon Spark.

Experts say that this will help in boosting fashion and accessories sales. It will also lead discovery-based shopping in the country.

Facebook and Google both are interested in e-commerce through social commerce. If this gets good user interaction, Instagram will not take much time in bringing the native shopping feature that it has been testing for long using shoppable tags. Google and Facebook both make efforts for grabbing this market.