Letstrack launches a real-time vehicle tracking device ‘Premium’ in India

Letstrack Premium
Letstrack Premium

Letstrack has launched a real-time location tracking device ‘Premium’ in India. This device aims to be for fleet management companies who can track their vehicles in real-time to minimize the cases of robbery and theft.

The device will be installed on the vehicle and vehicle owner can use the app to track and use several features. The app is available for both Android and iOS. The app shows you real-time location of your device along with 24 hours history and notification.

The app also shows distance traveled, average speed, max speed, engine on time and more. You can also check driver’s behavior like harsh brakes, top speed, zig sag driving, and sudden acceleration.

The most notable feature is that the device works even in unstable network areas. So, you will always have the accurate location data of the vehicle and driver. It can also store offline GPS data when it is offline with no GPRS available and post the offline historic date to sever as soon device is online.

There is a feature called Engine Cut. If the fleet owner finds driver moving in a suspicious location, he can tap Engine cut button and dismantle the functioning of the vehicle within a second. This can also help in recovering robbed vehicles.

There is also an option to set the speed alert. So, the owner will get alerts whenever the driver exceeds the speed. The SOS button can be used in case of an emergency for driver or passenger safety. Pressing the SOS button will send an instant alert to the vehicle owner via app notification and email.

The sensor on the device can also detect the speed changes of the car with respect to the time and sends an alert message.

It comes with one year of warranty and professional installation support. The device costs Rs. 8999 and is available in selected cities across the country.  See more details on their official website.


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