Instagram Hack Is Locking Hundreds Of Users Out Of Their Accounts


Instagram has been hit by widespread hacking campaign affecting hundreds of users. This attack is appeared to stem from Russia and is leaving users locked out of their accounts.

Lots of users talking about the same on Twitter and Reddit. They have been locked out of their accounts and their email address has been changed to .ru domains. Not just email, other information associated with the account has also been changed. The use of .ru email address indicates that attach is from Russia.

As email address and other information have been changed, it will be hard for users to recover their account. Mashable reported that the hack even affected users with two-factor authentication enabled. But it didn’t help his account from being hacked.

Instagram has advised users to have a close eye on emails. If you receive an email about change in your email address, and you did not initiate this change, click on the link marked ‘revert this change’ in the email. The change the password.

You should also revoke access to any suspicious third-party apps and enable the two-factor authentication for additional security.

It is still unknown why hackers launched this hacking campaign but it appears that Instagram has still not found a way to stop it. If you are active on Instagram, you should be careful to keep your account safe.



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