YouTube Announces New Monetization Options for Creators



At VidCon, YouTube announced some new monetization options for YouTube content creators. These options will open more options to earn money on YouTube along with regular advertising model.

Most notable is the Channel Memberships. Subscribers can support their creators by paying $4.99/month and get exclusive perks, like limited livestreams, emojis, shoutouts or anything else the creator want to offer. Channels with 100k subscribers will only be eligible for this for now.

Membership model is same as in Twitch. YouTube already started testing this option as we could see the option on few big channels.

YouTube has also partnered with Teespring and offer creators an easy method to design and sell merchandise. For now, this option is only available for U.S.-based channels with more than 10,000 subscribers. Creators have 20 items to sell.

This can be a profitable model. creator of Lucas the Spider turned his character into a plushie and managed to earn $1 million in profit in just 18 days by selling 60,000 units.

YouTue has also introduced Premieres that will allow creators create a landing page to promote ahead of a video’s release. This page will have chat feature, like Live videos do. So, creators can use Super Chat and take advantage of Channel Membership perks even before going live.

Premieres can be used to promote upcoming videos. It will work well for new movie trailers from studios, trailers from video games, or even music videos.

YouTube has also confirmed that its version of Stories will arrive for all eligible creators with more than 10,000 subscribers later this year.

YouTube’s new announcement came when Instagram launched IGTV and Facebook is also working on its own network and video hub with unique features of its own. YouTube needs to evolve with options to give creators better options to earn and promote.