Instagram announces IGTV for creators


Instagram is finally set to compete with YouTube with its new offering. At an event in San Francisco, Instagram announced IGTV app for creators and longer videos for users.

IGTV app allows users upload videos of up to 1 hour in length. This limit was previously set to one minute. IGTV will be accessible from both a button inside the Instagram homescreen and as a standalone app.

On IGTV app, people will be able to swipe through a variety of longer-form videos, check recommended videos, popular videos and videos from creators they’re following. Creators will have channels to which people can subscribe and watch videos. Just like TV, IGTV also starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don’t have to search to start watching the content. It shows videos based on your search and whom you follow. You can swipe up to discover more. You can also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct.

For now, Instagram will not be showing any ad on IGTV videos but it will be getting ads soon. Instagram is also not paying creators but this option can also be added to take on YouTue.

IGTV will be available globally over the next few weeks for both Android and iOS.

IGTV focuses on mobile experience. So, you will be seeing videos vertical and full screen. Anyone can become creator and join the platform to upload videos. Option to upload one-hour video will not be instantly available for new creators but it will be expanding to everyone eventually.

From just a simple photo sharing app to IGTV, Instagram has has evolved a lot. The best thing is that it keeps on changing with the time to be relevant for millennials.