Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad and Mi Smart Mouse Pad Launched

Mi Smart Mouse Pad
Mi Smart Mouse Pad

Xiaomi has launched two new mouse pads in China. These products are Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad and Mi Smart Mouse Pad. The first one is simple mouse pad but the second one comes with interesting features.

Both the mouse pads aims gamers who look for a good mouse pad for their gaming need. Both mouse pads are now available in China.

Mi Mouse pad is a normal mouse pad and there is nothing much in this to talk about. It comes with a surface coating that enhances sensor performance and mouse speed tracking. It measures 355mm x 255mm and has just 2.35mm in thickness.

Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad

Mi Smart Mouse Pad comes with RGB lights and packs Qi Wireless Charging module. So, it can charge your compatible phones and mouse. It also features a temperature control technology which shuts off charging once the phone is fully charged.

It measures 420mm x 260mm and has a TPU anti-slip mat. It has also won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

Mi Smart Mouse Pad

There is also a knob on the top right side that allows you to change the lighting mode. You can rotate it to change the colours and you can choose from 16.8 million choices. It can also be paired with your computer over Bluetooth and then you can control the volume as well.

The Xiaomi Mi Mouse Pad is priced at 49 Yuan and Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse Pad is priced at 259 Yuan. Both are now available through Mijia Mall.