Sharp Launches FP-GM50E-B, An Advanced Air Purifier With Mosquito Catcher


Last year, Sharp launched SHARP FP-FM40E Air purifier with built-in mosquito catcher. Now almost after a year, the company has upgraded the product and launched an enhanced model FP-GM50E-B.

Sharp FP-GM50E-B is also a similar kind of Air Purifier with mosquito catcher but with few upgrades. The new model covers an area of 450 sq ft. It has higher dimensions and uses an advanced filters. It offers medium and maximum airflow speeds of 186 m3/hr and 306 m3/hr respectively to ensure effective and efficient air purification.

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It features PASSIVE HEPA & Active Filtration along with its awarded and certified Plasmacluster Technology to ensure not just clean but fresh air.

It also features a chemical-free 5 step mosquito-catching system that traps mosquitos on a glue sheet. So, you do not need to use chemical-laden mosquito repellents that also have ill effects. Monsoon season is on the way and it can be helpful in avoiding mosquito-borne diseases.

Sharp FP-GM40E-B is priced at Rs. 30,000 and is available at retail outlets across India.