Infocus Vision 3 Pro Camera Review With Camera Samples

Infocus Vision 3 Pro
Infocus Vision 3 Pro

The camera is now an important feature people look for in a phone. When a phone packs dual camera, expectation from the camera increases. So, I am adding a dedicated camera review of Infocus Vision 3 Pro. To know about performance of Infocus Vision 3 Pro, you can read Infocus Vision 3 Pro Review.

Rear camera: 13-megapixel (F/2.0 aperture) and 8-megapixels (F/2.2 aperture) with LED flash.

Front camera: 13-megapixel (F/2.2 aperture) with Display flash.

Camera App

Camera app of the phone is feature rich but disappointing as it shows lag a lot. Changing camera mode is not smooth. Tapping on a mode doesn’t work at first until you tap twice or more. This ruins experience. Camera offers several modes that are listed at the bottom side of the app. At the top side, it has option for flash, image size, wide angle, portrait and more camera option. You have beauty mode and Pro Mode for both rear and front camera.

Camera app’s slow performance and lag ruin the experience. I hope Infocus will fix the issue in coming updates.

Camera Performance

In outdoor, shutter speed and processing is fine but it takes enough time in indoor light or low-light. Same goes for portrait shots. Capturing portrait shots takes considerable time in processing. So, you cannot just point and shoot most of the times.

The rear camera performs well in outdoors with a good level of details and good colors. HDR also works well. It offers wide-angle shot if you want to capture more items in landscape shots. It also offers portait shot option but that is not as good as I was expecting. It takes time in capturing and processing those shots. End result is also not very good as it blurred out parts of face, beard or hair. It also got beauty mode and pro mode for rear camera. The pro mode lacks option for controlling the focus.

Here are few shots captured from rear camera. See these shots and decide by yourself.

There is also a PIP mode that captures shot from both rear and front camera. We have already seen this feature in few phones in past.

Indoor shots are also fine considering the price of the phone. It still captures fine details and good colors with little noise. Low-light shots depend on your skills. You see enough noise and sometimes flash ruin shots.

Front camera also performs really good. It captures good colors and details. Front camera got Beauty mode that works well. Not just outdoor but indoor selfies also come with good details. If you know how to operate pro mode, you have it even in front camera for better experience. But the pro mode lacks option to control focus. You have option for portrait shots as well that it takes using software processing. Portrait shots usually miss important details and burred it out. For low-light, it has display flash that works fine and increases the brightness of display to produce some light while capturing selfies in low light.

It can record up to 1080p videos from the rear camera and same from the front camera. Recording from both rear and front camera is fine but not as good as I was expecting. Lack of any stabilization ends up giving shaky videos. Autofocus is also slow and sometimes you will have to tap on the object. The microphone of the phone also fails in noise cancellation and audios recorded in videos will have lots of background noise.

Final Words

Now you know how the camera of Infocus Vision 3 Pro performs. It is not best but good. While the performance in daylight is good and in low light is fine, it fails to beat the competitors of the same price segment. We have Redmi Note 5 and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 at the same price segment but with better camera performance.

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