Google Brings Google Assistant to Android Auto

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After seeing other announcements from Google, now we know that CES 2018 for Google is all about Google Assistant. Google has announced Google Assistant for Android Auto. US users can get Assistant support in their cars starting this week.

Android Auto already had Google voice search and you could ask for directions and music for over a year. Now it has Google Assistant for advanced options. With Google Assistant in your car, you will be able to access all of your third-party Google Assistant services and control your smart home from your car.

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If you still see the four moving bars when the voice search starts, you are still on the Google voice search. After the upgrade, you will see the Assistant logo with its circles.

I believe, most of the people will still be using Assistant in the same way they could use Google voice search. Asking for directions and request to change music are two most important actions users perform in the car.

Google is working for the deeper integration of Assistant in your car. It is working with Kia and Fiat Chrysler to give you access to cars fuel levels and allow you lock your cars with voice. We already have these features in few cars, but manufacturers currently charge for it.

I also excited to see how Google can change the experience of our car with the power of artificial intelligence. Are you? Let me know in the comment.


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