WhatsApp’s unsend feature lets you delete embarrassing sent messages


After months of leaks, WhatsApp has finally added the ability to delete a message you sent by mistake before your contact has read them. The feature is coming to Android, iOS and Windows phone at the same time.

The feature has not yet rolled out to all users and will be available in coming days.

To recall a message, open a conversation in WhatsApp. Tap and hold the message you want to recall and you will see few options including Delete (trash bin icon) and select the ‘Delete for everyone’ option. After the message has been deleted by a sender, recipients will see the message saying “This message was deleted.”

It is also worth to note that you can recall a sent message within seven minutes after sending them. Once the limit has passed, you can only delete the message in your conversation window.

For this feature, both sender and receiver must have the latest version of the WhatsApp that allows recall.

It is also worth to note that WhatsApp won’t notify senders in case your deletion request has failed. So, recipients might see messages that were recalled if not successfully deleted.’

WhatsApp has already made the FAQ page live with details to this feature. You can read it here.

Source: WABetaInfo