Selena Gomez’s Instagram hacked; Hackers Posted Nude Photos of Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez is the newest celebrity who got hacked. Hackers not just hacked her Instagram account but also posted the nude photos of Justin Bieber.

Unlike Fappening, there was no photo leak online. Photos were posted on Instagram. Soon after the photos went viral, singer regained access to the account and removed the nude photos posted by the hacker.

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These are the photos that were published after the pop star’s Bora Bora vacation in 2015. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were dating at the time and they confirmed their relationship back in 2011.

It was not confirmed how hackers gained access to Selena Gomez’s account. Most possible way could be the Phishing attack to get the login details. Most of the celebrities easily fall for that.

Selena Gomez is currently one of the most popular Instagram users. She has more than 125 million followers. So, she must take try to be safe online to avoid any such incidents.

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