WhatsApp for iOS gets color filters, photo Albums and reply shortcut

WhatsApp for iOS
WhatsApp for iOS

The latest version of WhatsApp for iOS brings some cool new features. Now, you have color filters, albums, and reply shortcut.

The most notable feature in this update is the color filters. These color filters can be applied to photo, video, or GIF. For this, you just need to swipe up. Filters are available for media you capture from camera or media you select from the camera roll.

WhatsApp color filters

WhatsApp has also started grouping photos into a single album. This feature will save space in conversation and you will have to scroll less. When you receive multiple photos from the same sender, photos will be grouped together as an album. Tapping on this album opens all images in a sequence.

WhatsApp photo album

It has also added a new reply shortcut. You just need to swipe right in any message to quickly reply to it.

All these features are now available for users across the globe. Update the app now and get these features.