Important things to consider while buying a webcam

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The webcam is the video camera for desktop PCs. It used for video calls and capturing photos. Now video calls, video streaming, and vlobbing are the part of our daily life. So, video recording is an important thing for us. If you have desktop PC, you need a webcam.

The webcam comes in the wide price range and you must know few things before putting your money in any random webcam. In this article, I will tell you few things that you should consider while buying a webcam.

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Things to consider while buying a webcam

These are few important things to consider while buying a webcam. You can also look at the article as webcam buying guide. So, read it carefully.

Video resolution

This is the Most important thing. If you are buying a cheap webcam, you will surely be compromising with video quality. Always try to buy the webcam with HD (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution. If it has higher than this, it is better. Look for 720p and 1080p on packaging. Now there are 4K webcams but those are very costly.

Frame rate

The frame rate is another important thing. The higher, the better. Typically, buy the webcam offering 30 frames per second (fps) or higher. Look for fps value on the webcam packaging.

Design and Adjustability

This is another important thing. There are basically two kinds of webcams: clip – on or freestanding. See what kind of webcam you will prefer. The clip-on webcams are designed for thin monitors and you can easily fix it at the top of the monitor. The freestanding webcam requires extra space on your desk.

There must also be some kind of adjustability to use it in a better way. You cannot just sit straight on a chair for the whole time. It should tilt up and down. If there is 360 rotation capability, it will be an extra advantage.


Most of the cheap webcam comes with fixed focus. It means you will have to be within certain distance range while using a webcam. If webcam has autofocus, you are not bound to follow the distance range rule. If you can go to close or far from webcam without any issue.


Webcams come with both glass and plastic lenses. Prefer the glass lens for clear image and video quality. The high-quality lens captures better photos and videos. For example high-quality Carl Zeiss lens to produces clear, bright, and colorful images. This feature is not always spelled out on the box. So, make sure you are getting the right one.


The microphone is another important thing to consider. Some webcams offer built-in microphone, but some do not. Even if there is a built-in mic, it will not be good. So, try to get a good microphone as a separate component for better audio quality.

Connection Type

Most of the webcams hook into the computer via a USB cable, but there are few with a wireless connection. Now it depends on your personal interest. If you do not want one USB port of your system to be engaged just for webcam, you can try the wifi one.

Final Words

Now, you know what things to consider while buying a webcam. If you are buying it online, you have product description to check everything about the webcam. You can also google it to get official specs sheet before you make your mind. If you are buying it offline, make sure you have asked all these things and verified it before paying.

I also recommend not to pay a lot just for a webcam. Good webcams are available In less than Rs. 7000. So, you do not need to pay a lot just to have good video calling from your desktop.

If you have anything to ask, you can always comment below and ask.


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