Sony’s Patent Would Allow you to Share your Battery Life Wirelessly

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Wireless Charging has been around for a while now and many leading companies have incorporated this on their latest flagship devices. Sony, however, plans to take things up a notch as it filed a patent showing its plans to share battery between two devices wirelessly.

This patent was filed very recently and would allow transfer of power from one device to another without the use of any cords or wires. The images in the patent show two devices and indicate the power transferring from one to another. There are also images that suggest the transfer of power from a computer monitor to various other devices.

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It is evident that the power sharing would not be limited to smartphones but would also include Computers, TV and various other devices. NFC will obviously play a major role for this technology. However, currently, NFC is limited only to transfer of data over a distance of four centimeters.

The patent describes that the devices will search for a nearby antenna to power itself, similar to how devices search for WiFi hotspots. While this technology can be incredibly useful by eliminating the need for power banks and cords, unwanted devices leeching on your battery could be a potential issue.

Like any other patent, we doubt that this technology will be available to us anytime soon. However, we can be hopeful that we gain the technology required to make wireless power sharing a reality.


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