Hang a Gajar in Your Car For Luck? It’s happening!

Gajar 2.0
Gajar 2.0

There’s nothing that people don’t do to ward off evil. After nimbu-mirchi, a new member of the “sabzi” family has become the most talked-about nazar ka totka.

Say hello to Gajar 2.0! The ultimate car accessory which promises to ward off evil and protect you from mishaps. Here’s the interesting part—under all those layers of impeccable packaging, the product is nothing but a real Carrot! It comes with a durable hook on top that helps you hang it anywhere in the car.

Gajar 2.0

So how’s this Gajar different from the one your subzi wala sells?

Gajar 2.0 has been created after months of research. It eliminates the bad energy from your car & enhances your overall driving experience. And how does Gajar 2.0 do it? The founders claim to have installed a Sixth Sense Power (strongly lead by belief) in this carrot to make it work like “Magic”. Approved by the Indian Horoscope Council[1], experts say that there is a dire need for something like this in today’s time.

But some differ.

“We have been in the car gadgets’ business for years now and I’ve never heard something so strange. We have built products on technology and not superstition! For instance, you can plug our Carot device in your car and it locates your car, helps with safety of your car and family. It provides better car diagnostics and a host of other benefits. But our device is a gadget based on science, not a totka!” says Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd.

Well, there are always two sides to every story. I will try it out for a few days to see the magic.

Stay tuned for more!


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