Xiaomi officially announces Mi VR headset

Xiamoi announces Mi VR headset
Xiamoi announces Mi VR headset

Xiaomi has finally announced its MI VR headset in China. It comes with Zipper design which not only improves the look but also makes sure that phone doesn’t fall out when moving the headset. Xiaomi has started taking registrations for beta testing the VR headset in China. Selected people will get it for 1 yuan. The company has not confirmed the pricing details but it is rumored to be priced at 49 yuan.

Xiaomi’s MI VR headset comes in different design which looks very attractive. It will be available in several designed options with personalized colors, including graffiti and decorative design.

MI VR Headset

It uses Lycra fabric (nylon + spandex) and EVA that is lightweight and skin-friendly. It is designed in the way to be comfortable while using for the longtime. It measures 201 x 107 x 91mm and weighs 208.7 grams.

A phone with 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch display can be used in it. You need to open zipper, adjust the phone and close zipper. It uses anti-glare aspherical lenses with the tolerance of just 0.01mm. Xiaomi claims to offer the best clarity.

To interact with the phone, it has the metal button on the top.

It also has separate VR app where you can access panoramic video, 3D movies, VR games and apps on this VR headset.