CREO’s Fule OS Gets Improved Privacy Options As A Part Of Promised Monthly Updates

CREO’s Fule OS
CREO’s Fule OS

Today, CERO has announced the updates of this month for its in-house developed Fuel OS. This new update improves privacy options and lets users reclaim privacy on his/her smartphone.

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It has integrated privacy setting which allows users to lock apps and hide photos and videos in a secret hidden folders. While you could download third-party apps for these options, now you have same features within your phone’s software.

One can use pin or pattern to lock a specific app. Without that PIN or pattern, it will be impossible to access the app. So, you can lock your Facebook and Whatsapp apps to prevent unauthorized access. This option prevents unauthorized access to your files and apps. I personally wanted this app lock feature to lock access to Google Drive to secure my personal files.

Fuel OS app lock

You can also create a private zone for saving your files. This Hidden media section will be password protected. So, you can easily add photos and videos to this hidden media. After doing this, photos and videos will not be visible in the phone’s gallery. There will also be the option to restore files from hidden media to phone’s gallery.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.20.18 PM

While these options do not bring much excitement, it is interesting to see that company is committed to fulfilling its promise and offer monthly updates with new software features.

CREO regularly takes suggestions from the community on its newly revamped Fuel Community. If you want any feature to be the part of FuelOS, suggest the company and wait to see it delivered in upcoming. monthly updates.


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