Things you should know if you own a power bank or planning to buy one

solar power banks
solar power banks

Power banks have become an important thing for smartphone users. Most of the people carry a power bank to charge their phones on the go. If you own a power bank, you will not have to restrict your smartphone usage to avoid battery drain. This is the reason, power bank is a popular smartphone accessory and many companies have brought their power banks. If you look at the market, power banks are available in different battery capacities from 500 mAh to 25000 mAh. People also have a general perception that this total charge capacity is the actual charge they can use from this power bank to charge their phones. But, this is not the truth. There are various things which you should know if you are thinking to buy a power bank of you own a power bank.

In this article, we will discuss power banks and less known facts which will be helpful for you. If you are planning to buy a power bank, you can see our power bank finder tool to see all available power banks.

1. Mentioned capacity is not the actual usable

If you are buying a power bank of 12000 mAh capacity and you own a smartphone with 2000 mAh battery capacity, you may think of charging your phone 6 times with this power bank. But this is not true. This calculation does not consider environmental conditions, conversion rate, phone usage, the temperature in the surroundings and other things which affect the charge. If you want to do the real calculation, use this formula.

Total charge cycles for a phone = Real Capacity of Power Bank * Conversion Rate * Phone’s Battery Health / Phone’s Battery Capacity

Now use this formula. But, how will you determine the conversion ratio and battery health? Yes, this is why you can never guess the actual charge cycles just by the capacity of phone’s battery and power bank capacity. If your phone’s battery is good, you can use around 60-75% of mentioned battery capacity.

2. Never Keep your power bank discharged for a long time

If power bank is fully discharged, it has to be charged again soon. If you keep it discharged for a long time, it affects the lifespan of the battery. So, try to charge it as soon as possible.

3. Never keep power bank idle for a long time

If you hardly use power bank and bought only to use rarely while long journey, you should still use your power bank at home. It is recommended to charge it fully and discharge it at least once a month. To improve the durability of power bank, do not let it discharge completely. 

4. Keep power bank is good condition

Always keep your power bank in good condition and avoid high temperature. Charge it with correct input power voltage specified in the manual. Charging it with less power will take too much time in charging and charging it with high power can result in internal damage. Many power banks are designed to withstand the high pressure but try not to check that and keep it safe.

5. Do not charge power bank and your device at the same time

I have seen many people doing this. But, it is not recommended to charge the power bank and charge the phone from the same power bank at the same time. It affects the battery health of power bank due to excessive heat production in both kinds of charging. Sometimes, it may also explode.

6. Choose Quality power banks

If you are thinking to buy a Power bank, always go with quality power bank and avoid low-quality duplicate products to keep your phone safe. Low-quality power banks have less conversion rate and offer fewer charge cycles. These power banks can also explode while charging.

7. 5V/1A or 5V/2.1A; decide wisely

You many have seen power banks with charge output 5V with 1 A and 5V with 2.1A. If you are not sure what to buy, you should know the charging behaviour of your phone. If your phone supports fast charging with 5V 2.1A combination, you can go with charger with 5V 2.1A output. Otherwise, It won’t speed up the charging of your phone.

I hope you find this article useful. If you have any doubt, you can comment below.