6 Apps draining your iPhone’s battery too fast

iPhone battery draining app
iPhone battery draining app

Recently launched new iPhone 6S offers improved battery life but iPhone users are still facing battery issues. We all blame iPhone for not offering good battery life but iPhone is not the only culprit. We all use various apps on the daily basis and few of those apps are now an important part of our life. Few of these apps are the primary reason of battery draining.

In this post, we are listing few apps which are most important for us but consumes battery a lot. Not just I am going to tell the name of the app, I will also let you know how to reduce the battery consumption from that app. I am not asking you to uninstall these apps, but you should know how to use these apps in an optimized way.

6 Apps draining your iPhone’s battery

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most important apps we use daily but it consumes too much battery. Not just in iPhone, it is also one of the most battery eating app for Android. For Android, it launched Android Lite but it is also not helping users.

You can limit notifications to reduce the battery consumption. For most effective usage, you can uninstall Facebook app and login in Facebook app on the browser.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another one of an important app we use daily. Almost every second, we see a new tweet and updates. Depending on how many people you follow, the Twitter app will consume battery.

Even on this app, you can limit notifications turn on background app refresh. Background app refresh is there to load content faster when you open the app. Unofficial Twitter apps are also not very helpful in this case. Using Twitter on mobile web can help in improving your battery. Or check tweets on the desktop.

3. Messenger

very similar to Facebook, Messenger app also consumes lots of battery juice of smartphone. Not just on iPhone, Android users face battery issue due to this app.

You can limit the messaging to few apps only. It is not recommended to use Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype everything on your iPone.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the instant messaging app we use almost every hour. Due to the high frequency of usage, it consumes lots of battery. It is constantly connected to data and hence keep on consuming battery and showing your notifications.

You can turn off Background app refresh and limit media download to only wifi.

5. Skype

Like other social networking apps, this app also does not break the connection to the Skype server. Few reports claim that Skype uses around 30% of the battery power each day. If you do not use Skype frequently, you can limit the use of Skype on your desktop and rely on iMessages and Facetime on your phone.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps is another important app we use frequently. It also destroys battery life of your iPhone due to the use of phone’s GPS location service. Ten minutes of Google maps usage can use up to 6 MB of Data.

Now you can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and limit the location services.  You can check individual app and see location services usage.

There are many other apps including Angry Birds, Camera, Weather and more which drains the battery a lot. Apps can drain battery lot due to two main reasons, high usage from user’s end with all time data connectivity or poor coded. We cannot identify the coding thing but we know what apps are we using a lot. So, we can think about limiting notifications and limiting the use of location services to improve battery.

Tips to improve battery life of iPhone

There are some battery saving tips for iPhone.

1. Use Phone on Low Brightness

You can start using iPhone on low brightness. Brightness up to 30% is enough for a clear view. Yes, it can be a problem in sunlight but you can always increase brightness to get more legibility.

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2. Disable Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use

It is another important thing you must follow. When you are out of any Wireless network and you are not using Bluetooth, you can turn these features off.

3. Use low power mode

In iOS 9, iPhone brought a new low battery mode. When battery goes down below 20 percent, it will automatically go into low power mode and reduce the battery and data consumption.

4. Limit Background app refresh

You can go and check what apps are allowed to use data connection in background. See what apps are unnecessarily using background app refresh.

Apple’s iPhone offers good battery life but you must know how to optimize your battery usage. If you are on your phone all the time connected on data and calls, you must think about limiting your phone usage and optimizing battery usage.


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