Immature Phishing Attempt Trying to Trick Low Earning Adsense Users in India

Adsense Phishing
Adsense Phishing

Adsense is the most popular way of monetizing a website. Most of the new blogger and webmaster try to get Adsense approval as early as possible. But there is one thing which usually disappoints all Adsense users in India. We see less CPC for Indian traffic as compared US and UK traffic. So, most of the users keep searching for tricks to improve CPC.

Now a newbie hacker is trying to take advantage of this and has created a phishing page to trick adsense users and hack their account. It asks users to submit their Gmail credentials and then improve CPC.

I am saying it a immature attempt because phishing page is easy to identify and domain’s WHOIS record expose the person behind this attack. Yes, Whois Info can be fake but this person can easily be traced.

Once a user submit the details of Google login, it will promise to improve the CPC. It will show the message that you will see improvements in 24 to 36 hours.

Fake Adsense

I want to tell all Adsense users that there is no service which can improve your CPC. You only need to target high-paying keywords to get more revenue. If you use this kind of fake service, you will end up losing your Gmail account.

Don’t fall in this trap.



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