Indian people are interested in 4G phones even if roll out is slow

4G phones in India
4G phones in India


Smartphone market is growing very fast and it is one of the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. People are now changing their smartphone frequently to enjoy latest phones every year or in few months. If we talk about smartphone sales trend, Flipkart alone sold smartphones worth $200 in its big billion day sale back in October this year. Low cost phones contribute more in the smartphones sales in country. Most of the people are now interested in phones with 4G connectivity. This is because Indian people are always interested in trying latest tech and innovations if they can buy. 4G is now available in entry level phones too. So, buying 4G phone is affordable and lets you access faster Internet. If you still have a phone which lacks 4G connectivity, you must learn why you must switch to a 4G phone.

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How India is gearing for the upcoming 4G revolution in India

When 4G started knocking the doors, it was ignored. But in past 1 year, we have seen a good growth in this area. While 4G is limited to specific cities, people consider 4G as an important factor at the time of buying a phone. Most of the smartphone companies have launched 4G enabled phones. Samsung, Lenovo and Micromax are few companies which are launching more number of 4G phones in budget segment. Customers are also buying these phones actively. 60% of active 4G-LTE Smartphones in India are priced at less than Rs. 10000. It shows how 4G phones are getting popular in India.

If we talk about current 4G report published by Nokia Networks, Apple is ruling India’s 4G market. Top 5 popular 4G phones in India are: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6Lenovo A6000, iPhone 5 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

India has about 14.8 million subscribers are using 4G phones. This number is also increasing very fast because retailers are also promoting 4G phones. Smartphone brands are also launching budget 4G phones with other good hardware specifications to offer better phones to customers.

Most of the 4G phones are exclusively available on Flipkart.

Comparison between 4G and 3G

You already know that 4G is faster than 3G. But you will be surprised after seeing the speed difference. 4G is often up to 10 times faster than 3G. 4G is able to handle download speeds between 5 and 12 Mbps (Megabits per second). It we see upload speed, it is between 2 and 5 Mbps, with peak download speeds is around 50 Mbps. 4G network can also be upgraded to higher speeds if required in future. If we talk about 3G, it offers data throughput up to 3.1Mbps with an average speed range between 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps. 4G also got its much better variant, 4G LTE-A.

4G offers high speed Internet connection as compared to 3G. So, you will enjoy:

  • Better video and music streaming
  • Faster photos and video uploads
  • Improved voice and video calls

Things you need to consider before buying a 4G LTE capable handset in India

It is worth to note that not all 4G smartphones are capable of working with Indian 4G networks. Indian telecom companies have license to operate 4G LTE networks (TD-LTE) over 2300 MHz band. So you need to check if your phone is capable of working with Indian LTE networks. Although, Indian government has awarded 4G LTE license over 1800 MHz, but Indian companies have not started using this.

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Flipkart’s role in India’s 4G revolution

Flipkart is India’s largest online retailer offering products in various caregories. If you take a closer look, Flipkart is very active in partnering with mobile phone companies for the exclusive launch of their products in India. For past 1 year, we have seeing various exclusive launches by Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Motorola and Xiaomi. Lenovo’s cheapest 4G phone is available exclusive on Flipkart.  Samsung’s J series and On series phones are exclusive to Flipkart. There are various examples for similar kind of exclusive availabilities on Flipkart for 4G phones. By making these phones available in wider part of countries, it helped companies in selling their 4G phones across the country. Except iPhone, other be  st selling 4G phones were Flipkart exclusive. Network compatibility is also not a problem with most of the phones on Flipkart. Not just this, it has also partnered with Airtel to provide a free 4G SIM with every purchase of 4G phone.

Not just 4G phones, Flipkart also brought various others phones which created revolution in bringing low cost but powerful phones. Motorola Moto G, Redmi 1S, Mi3, Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo K3 Note are few perfect examples. So, we can say that Flipkart is trying to promote futuristic phones in India.shar