Lenovo WRITEit Windows app lets you enter handwriting in any text field


In recent years, we have digitized most of the work. So, tablets and smartphones have replaced the writing pads. People generally use smartphone, laptop and tablet devices to write and save notes. This has also reduced the usage of pens. We rarely use pen to write on papers. Few tablet and smartphone comes with pen input but it is only for few special things. But do not think that we are done with this. Lenovo has launched a new mobile app which lets you type and write on tablet and smartphone. This new mobile app is called as WRITEit.

WRITEit enhances your pen experience and lets you edit text on text boxes in real-time. It works with with ThinkPad devices with digitizer pen. So use your pen in place of touch keypad. After installing this app on your Windows 8 device, it lets you enter handwriting in any text field. You can use this in Windows utilities, on browsers or on any text-editor. You do not need to take care of boundaries of writing areas. It also tried to recognize your writing in best possible way. WriteIt users optical character recognition to decipher your handwriting. If there is any problem recognizing your handwriting, it will ask you to select appropriate word from suggestions.

This mobile app will be available to download in Spring 2015. See the demo video below: