1000+ Indian Websites Hacked By Bangladeshi hackers


More than 1000 websites belongs to India have been hacked and defaced by Bangladeshi hackers. Deface message explains that the reason of the hack is cricket. They posted a warning message for ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India).

Indian websites hacked

Hacked By rEd X

[~] This is for what you wanted to do with our TEST status. Our Cricket is Our Pride! We Love Our BD Cricket Team more then our Life. This is the WARNING for BCCI. Don’t try to overrule on our cricket. ECB and BCCI will face the ROAR of BANGLADESHI TIGERS soon. We’re coming to your CYBERSPACE. We’re Watching you. GOOD LUCK.

[~] Cricket was a game of Gentle man. Then India came up & Its become a game of greedy Business man. We Hate India.

List of hacked websites is available on pastebin. At the time of writing this report, no website was recovered. It seems that hackers have got access to a shared server with thousands of small websites hosted. In this list, almost all websites belong to small local business. A simple reverse IP domain check for any of these hacked domain confirms that all websites are hosted on the same server that was breached by hackers.

rEd X – 3xp1r3 cyber army is well known for mass defacement of Indian websites. In past, they were involved in many mass website hacking.


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