Pay with your Picture, Paypal Testing Face-Verification For Mobile Payment

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Paypal has launched a revolutionary technology for its mobile payments. Company is testing its new face verification system for mobile payments transactions. With this new feature, you can pay with your profile picture.

Paypal mobile payment

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“Your profile picture not only marks the gateway to your online social world, but can now also be used to make payments in the physical world!”

“We’re pleased to help local businesses of all sizes offer a new more personal experience, while never having to turn away customers who don’t have enough cash on them to pay,” Rob Harper, head of retail services at PayPal, said in announcement.

Now, PayPal app has a new tab called local that you can use to find shops and restaurants new you with support of mobile payments. You can then check-in as you do in Facebook or Foursquare that enables you to pay for your purchase through the PayPal app. Once you check-in, your photo and name will appear on shop’s invoice system. Cashier will charge you just by clicking on your profile picture and you will receive notification with amount you paid.

PayPal is testing this feature on Richmond High Street, London. If it gets good response and works without any problem, company will expand it to new locations.

What do you think of making payments with your profile picture? Do you think it would be safe? Share your views via comments.


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