Google Chrome’s Spell Checker Becomes Smarter, Added More Languages Support



Google has updated the Spell Checker of features of Google Chrome that makes spelling checking better than before. Google has refreshed the dictionary database to improve the spell checking. Google has also added Korean, Tamil and Albanian language support.

“We’ve refreshed the dictionaries for all languages, and users who speak Korean, Tamil, or Albanian will appreciate that we’ve added support for those languages, too. In addition, users who add custom words to the dictionary can now sync their settings to bring those changes to all the devices where they use Chrome,” Google Announced.

Google has also added the ability to synchronize your custom added words in all devices. When you will sync your settings with all devices, all your custom added words will also be sync with all devices.

Google has also added a nice option called “Ask Google for suggestions.” This is powered by the same algorithm that powers Google search spelling checker.It supports grammar checking, proper nouns, homonyms, and context-sensitive spell checking in English.

Google Chrome's Spell Checker Becomes Smarter, Added More Languages Support

All these new features are available for Windows, Linux and ChromeOS users. Mac users will have to wait for few more days.

Whenever the update is available for you, Google will show a system tray notification pop-up saying. “Try the “Ask Google for suggestions” feature in the right click menu of any text area.”

This update really makes sense. It is will help us while writing an email, blog post or any other important document.

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