German Hacker Gains Access to Foxconn Subdomain’s Database, Posted Online

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A German hacker, D35m0nd142 has breached a subdomain owned by a popular electronics manufacturer, Foxconn. The subdomain is that seems to belong from China.

German Hacker Gains Access to Foxconn Subdomain's Database, Posted Online

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Hacker has exploited the blind SQL injection vulnerability in the website to gain access to the database. He posted database online on pastebin which contains details of users, including email addresses and passwords.

“I didn’t do any damage..It is just the proof of the giant vulnerability which affects the website..This is just a small piece of database and passwords are encrypted in order to prevent damage from other attackers with malicious purposes,” the hacker posted a message to admin of website.

This time, if you try to access the website, it asks for username and password.

We are trying to contact with foxconn officials to know more regarding the issue. If we get something, we will update you. Till then, subscribe Techlomedia for latest technology updates.


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