Lulzsec arrest news leads a new scam on facebook

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After the british police claim to catch the master mind of the lulzSec hacking group, most of the internet users interested in the group activity tried to see who is behind the group. This gave advantage to the scammers to spread a spam on the Facebook to promote some toolbars software. In Facebook a message is spreading with a spam link to see the caught lulz member’s pic with a message.

Rogue messages posted on the social networking site yesterday read “The Creator of LulzSec arrested in London (PHOTO TAKEN BY THE POLICE) SEE THE PICTURE WITHOUT BLURRING, SHARE THIS PAGE AND LIKE IT !![censored]”

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The post also show the blurred image and linked to the article about the arrest on Sophos’ Naked Security blog. This blog is really famous among users for hacking and security related news. This link was to exploit the trust of users on the security blog.

After the clicking on the link it asks users to share and like the post to see the uncensored image and lead user to a third-party website and forced to download a program iLividSetupV1.exe that attempted to install a series of toolbars.

“Presumably whoever is behind this Facebook scam (and I doubt it is anyone connected with LulzSec) is earning commission the more people they convince to install the software,” says Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley.


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